Half marathon 

The half marathon starts on Boulevard North in Egmond aan Zee. The participants head down the main route onto the beach and run the first seven kilometres of the race on the sand. In Castricum aan Zee they have to negotiate the demanding path that leads from the beach into the North Holland Dune Reserve. From there they are on dirt tracks that lead to the Camping Bakkum campsite, where the quarter marathon ends. After that they are back on asphalt as they head back to Egmond up the steep Bloedweg road. Once they catch sight of the Van Speijk Lighthouse, there is just one more small climb. And from the lighthouse itself it’s just 200 metres to the glorious finish.

Quarter marathon

The quarter marathon also starts on Boulevard North. But the quarter marathon participants run the first three kilometres of the race through the village of Egmond aan Zee. Then they descend onto the beach to run the two kilometres to the village of Egmond-Binnen. After that there’s a strenuous climb to the North Holland Dune Reserve managed by PWN. The runners make their way back to Egmond aan Zee along hilly tarmac and steep Bloedweg road. From there, it’s just 500 metres to the finish line in Zeeweg, just past Hotel Zuiderduin.
Parcourskaart NN Egmond Halve Marathon Parcourskaart NN Egmond Halve Marathon